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February 14 is not for everyone. But who does not like to treat themselves with some cutesy valentines nails on the go?

Either you are the kind to celebrate the love with your prince charming or family and girlfriends or the one who’s gonna cuddle with their beds and Netflix, there’s something for everyone they can recreate for the season of love. So scroll on to find some adorable valentines nail designs that’ll steal the show for you.

valentines Nails to die for

1. strawberry shortcakes

This strawberry shortcake inspired yummy valentines nails are exceedingly cute and look very modern.

2. sparkly hearts nails

These 3-D red hearts are easy to apply on nails. And when paired with sparkles, they make the perfect valentines nails.

3. nude xo nails

Nothing’s prettier than nude nails for valentines with glitters and red hearts. Subtle yet classy!

4. nude grey design

Ever thought that grey colour can too look cutesy and lovely for February 14? Now you do! Blue and pink hearts are a show stopper!

5. cute valentines nails

Looking for something different than classic red? These colorful nails with chocolates saying common words you say to him. He’ll love them.

6. violet roses nails

Glam up your nails with shiny grape and pastel pink colour with pretty red roses all over!

7. cutesy short nails

Want to do something different from traditional glitter nails? Get your nails outfit with this one. Add some little hearts, red and pink lines, a plain red colour and a simple design to ditch the ordinary.

8. beige valentines twist

Go for a pretty beige when in doubt. Add some beautiful black hearts near your cuticles to give yourself a quick manicure at home.

9. red & pink hearts

The artful use of nude and red pink hearts is literally making it look festive and lovely. Remember to apply just a single coat of nude polish to replicate the look.

10. half split nails

Splitting your nails in half by using a thin piece of tape can help copy this look to the maximum.

11. red & black combo

OMG! Aren’t these too cute for the day? Black nails on valentines always add a chic touch to the set.

12. alternate nails

You totally have to try this extremely simple yet so classy design this valentines. Alternate between red and pink matte polishes for the exact look.

13. salmon pink sparkles

These are one of the most efforless nails yet so classy valentines nail art design. Just grab a glitter nail polish, salmon pink polish and white one for this gorgeous look.

14. sparkly nail tips

What an elegant pair of sparkly nails to allure people with! You just need some on tips to glam it all up.

15. burning flames

What about these burning red flames nails to love and treasure? Sure, I’m up!

16. plain red nails

It’s never a bad idea to paint your nails red for the love day.

17. mismatched sparkle nails

Pastel pink is always in, no matter what time of the year it is. I’m totally up for these mismatched sparkly nails. Are you?

18. black hearts

Gorgeous matte black hearts and sparkles on matte pink is a mood when celebrating valentines with friends and family without the one for you.

19. heart tips nails

What an old valentines nails classic that never gets old. You can easily recreate this yourself too.

20. barbie pink nails

Easily clone this nail look by painting nails with pretty pink gel polish and add heart embellishments to the clear nail.

21. red hearts gel nails

Paint your nails with pretty nude polish and add red hearts to the middle nail and cuticles to give it a festive vibe

22. black valentines twist

In an Anti-valentine mood? How about nude nails paired black tips and hearts for feeling valentine vibe at minimum.

23. pink ombre look

Grab your bright pink nail polishe to create this Valentines Nail Design yourself. You just need some focus and practise. But the results compensates it all.

24. gemstone heart nails

Valentines nails can’t be easier. Polish your nails with this red colour and add gemstones to create a heart. Glamorous and easy!

25. red lips nails

Luscious lips are the easiest way through Valentines. You can simply add lips stickers for that cute punch.

26. red french nails

There’s nothing easier and classier than french nails for the season. And red tips will never go out of style.

27. shades of pink

cute valentines nails

Ditch the reds for these beautiful shades of pink paired with a glitter heart and white checks.

28. matte + gel nails

This abstract design with lines and hearts on a matte nude base is the perfect match for you if you want to keep it low-key.

29. 3-D heart nails

3-D red hearts and glittery gems are one of the best nail designs to do for valentines.

30 natural love

White and pink ombre is looking way cuter than to be true. Do try this if you are a brown/dark skin gal.

32. chic beige nails

Outline your nude nails with red and and some red glitters to the clear nail. This looks brilliant but is easy and chic.

33. be mine nails

Secretly into valentines? There’s no better nail art than this one for you.

34. bright red nails

40+ Cute Valentines nails that are trendy af for 2021

What do you say, simple red nails with a hint of valentines? I say, hell yess!

35. Simple heart nails

Gosh, these are the cuteset valentines nails for the ones who want to keep low-key this season.

36. cranberry nails

For all the subtle ones, here’s your jam for this valentines day.

37. stick-on hearts

Simplest valentines design for nails! Just add some sparkly glitter hearts to clear nails and call it a lovely day.

38. red shiny nails

Play with chunky red glitters and stick them on polygel nails for this effortless look.

39. pink valentines nails

Those neon pink hearts on white base are a show-stopper.

40. cute valentines design

Double hearts on a pastel pink colour looks tough to create but really is easy if you have a UV LED lamp to make the drying process quicker.

41. white sparkly design

Neutrals are so in this year that substituting them for our classic valentines colours will be a crime you want to commit. Pair it with gold glitter to make it look festive.

Which valentines nails are on your list? What are you going to try? Whatever they may be, remember to have fun and enjoy every bit of it!

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