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Talk to me about getting into holiday spirit by watching Christmas movies, planning Holiday decorations, putting on some jolly tunes and living in your cozy ugly sweater all the effin’ time.

But when you really wanna get out of the way, the best thing to do is a Merry Manicure! And, I’m telling ya, it absolutely makes sense if you completely wanna switch to Christmas nails right after Halloween to get into full-on Santa swing! Becausee, it will be a super long year when you’ll get to do it again. So start choosing your favorite ones now.

Wait, to ease out your job, I rounded by the prettiest, most festive, and sparkliest Christmas nail art designs to get you pumped up for December 25.

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Christmas Nails to die for

1. Sparkly Candy cane nails

Make your nails look dreamy af with red gltters and nude pink base. Steal the show by adding snowflakes.

2. metallic santa nails

This is a metallic red color to die for. Few coats will be enough for the season but a candy cane, snowflake, and Santa dress will take it up a notch. Also, look at that fuzzy fur in Santa dress nails! That’s genius!!

3. frosty Christmas nails

Nothing’s prettier than white frosty Christmas nails with glitters and snowflakes. Subtle yet classy!

4. sparkly Christmasy design

Zoya’s pixie dust nail polishes are a keeper. Look how simple coats can elevate a holiday nail look with no efforts.

5. forest green nails

Looking for something different than classic red? Forest green is the color to choose from. Ans never forget the sparkle!

6. red & gold nails

Glam your nails with gold glitter polish and stunning color candy cane to set the stage on fire!

7. cute holiday nails

Want to do something different from traditional glitter nails? Get your nails outfit with this one. Add all the christmasy colors, snow effects and dodle a cute Santa, reindeer and christmas lights to ditch the ordinary.

8. nude Christmas nails

Go for a pretty nude pink when in doubt. Add some beautiful nail studs to try this Christmas manicure at home.

9. chic black nails

Black has never looked this festive. The artful use of nudes and shiny black is literally making it look festive.

10. check holiday nails

Now this being a little extra for the holiday! Play with our classic plaid in all the ways you know. You can try using plaid nail stickers for this.

11. santa & reindeer nails

OMG! Aren’t these too cute for the event? Those google eyes are a heart-stealer, lol.

12. nude Christmasy nails

This is a nail design you need to totally get in the Christmas swing this season.

13. blue frosty sparkles

These are the simplest Christmas nails yet so classy. Just grab a glitter nail polish and paint them all over.

14. sparkly snow nails

WOW! These nails have me dreaming of white Christmas. What an elegant pair of sparkly nails to allure people with!

15. Golden christmas tree

What about simplistic white and gold glitter nails to love and treasure? Sure, I’m up!

16. real snow nails

French nails just took a turn to Christmas land. These snowman and trees are breathtaking.

17. christmas lights nails

Pastels are always in, no matter what time of the year it is. I’m totally up for these sparkly christmas lights. Are you?

18. buffalo check nails

Play with an old-school plaid and glitter polish to rock this Holiday season like a charm!

19. subtle green nails

Few coats of this gorgeous green color are enough to scream Christmas but that gold glitter on the side is just dreamy.

20. boho red nails

Easily recreate this nail look by painting alternate nails with shiny red and black and add embellishments to the black.

21. pink barbie nails

Paint your nails with pretty pink polish and add sparkles to the middle nail to give it a festive vibe

22. polar bear nails

These chicly cute white nails are just not that simple as you think. Those polar bears are making all the difference.

23. perfect holiday look

Grab your red, green, white, and silver nail polishes to create this Christmas Nail Design yourself. You just need some focus and practise. But the results compensates it all.

24. subtle nails

Christmas nails can’t be easier. Polish your nails with this leafy color and add a white nail with a wreath to it.

25. snowy nails

Snowflakes are the easiest way through Christmas. You can simply add snowflake stickers for the punch.

26. red christmasy nails

Grab a red shiny color and take inspo from your gift ribbons and snow outside.

27. blue snow nails

Ditch the reds and greens for this bright blue color with a french ombre and snowflakes.

28. criss-cross nails

Curved crisscross lines with all your favorite Christmas nail colors on a nude base is the perfect match for you.

29. snowflake nails

A pretty nude with red tips and 3-D sparkly snowflakes are one of the best things to do for holidays.

30. sparkly french nails

A silver sparkly ombre with real star studs is perfect for both Christmas and New year.

31. silver star nails

Silver is in full swing! Star garland accents are looking way cute to be true.

32. black french nails

Take snowball for the inspiration and get black french nails to keep them simple, easy yet so chic.

33. shiny snowflake nails

A frosty silver always looks posh. The accents on the ring finger and snowflakes are giving me strong winter vibes.

34. brown holiday nails

What do you say, Is brown a chhristmas color? I say, hell yes! The best part? These are press-on nails!

35. Santa hat french nails

Gosh, french nails just did a Ph.D. This is incredible, right? Love these Cute Santa hats on the tips.

36. cranberry nails

This is such a pretty color and so inspired by the Christmas tree and ornaments.

37. mint green snowy nails

Who thought mint green will be a trendy christmas color?

38. red wine nails

I’m telling ya, this wine glass with a Santa hat is the best thing I have seen on nails this Christmas. You want to try it!

39. rich green nails

A beautiful rich green color is all you need this Christmas to swoon peole with a subtle elegant nail art.

40. neutral holiday design

Neutrals are so in this year that substituting them for our classic holiday colors will be a crime you want to commit. Pair it with rose gold glitter to make it look festive.

Which Christmas nails are on your list? What are you going to try? Whatever they may be, remember to have fun and enjoy every bit of it!

Happy Holidays!


Sharing is caring, you know!


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