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Woah, its time for the spookiest night of the year! And the time when you search for all the sick Halloween Decor (who doesn’t wanna be a Lil extra?) and go all out with your Halloween costumes, makeup and nails.

Whereas Halloween makeup is a whole different forte (head here for some easiest Halloween makeup inspo), you don’t wanna make your nails feel left out with just a black or orange nail polish. That is boring!

So if you are someone who really wanna hit that last ball or maybe someone who likes playing it decent, Hold on, because here are some Absolutely Gorgeous Ideas For Halloween Nails that You Will Adore! Also, I got you some Kokky stuff too, Hehe.

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Cute Ideas for Halloween Nails to slay the game

Pink Bats

To not freak you out in the beginning, here’s a very delicate pink Halloween nail design with black bats and spider for those who don’t wanna run for a nail polish remover on November 1. You legit needs just two things to DIY this at home, soft pink nail polish and bunch of nail stickers for making those bats the easy way.

Fake Blood Nails

Eeek, besides how freaky they look, this mani is sure to disgust your guests. But would you care if I tell you that you can totally try recreating this at home? I hope you don’t! Take your basic white nail polish, your red lipstick and a brush. Paint your thumb impressions and blood spatters on your nails as well as above cuticles. And now freak your mom out!

Hulk Nails

If you are thinking of becoming She-Hulk for this Halloween, then there’s not a better nail design than this one. And if you aren’t, you can literally make this your costume. You can either buy stick-on nails or get your nil artist to design them for you.

Fake Fang Nails

One of the simplest Halloween nail design, you can very easily DIY these by cutting your nails in square shape and painting them white. Then apply red lipstick to the sharper nails giving it a blood effect. Voila! Now you have the hottest vampire nails in the town and it didn’t even take efforts.

Pennywise Nails

That pastel pink shade looks so gorgeous and red blood design complements it perfectly. Tell your nail artist to go a little wild with that spooky eye and curvy brows which looks easy but actually isn’t. Definitely screams Halloween!

Polka Dots Nails – Halloween Edition

Take you plain boring black and orange nails up a notch wih these trendy polka dots. Super easy to recreate, you just need 4 nail polish colors and focus to create create clean dots.

Snake Skin Nails

Source: Pinterest

If this doesn’t win the title of the scariest Halloween nails, I don’t know what would (I have more for you don’ worry, lol). The snake pattern and colour on the fingers look extremely unique.

Spider and Cow Web Nails

This is such a delicate Halloween Nail Art with subtle pink Color as a base, the spider looks more than real and Chunky Black Glitter Nail looks so rich.

Glam Skull Nails

Halloween indirectly reminds us of skulls and skeletons but you sure can change up that boring skull to this glam Skull with 3-D flowers. Mere art piece!

The Nun Nails

Source: Pinterest

If this is what Halloween Nails are gonna look like, I’m here for it. It’s hard to believe that someone actually created them. You need a really Professional Nail Artist to get this Halloween nail design.

DIY Wolf Nails


If you are considering to be a wolf or anything related, you’ll not get a better Halloween Nail Art than this. Moreover, this is incredibly easy! You just have to cut artificial fur into nails and paste them.

Stay Spooky Nails

Looking for fun Halloween nails? How about these? And I don’t think you’ll want to remove this on November 1, right!

Acrylic Halloween Nails

Source: Pinterest

Glitters are always in trend and clear nails too! So get these cute Halloween Nails which will go with all your girly Halloween Costumes and definitely last more than just a day!

Cute Pumpkin Faces Nails

Cute colorful Ombre and evil laugh makes this Halloween Nail Design Stand out. You can either create these yourself or just stick Halloween Nail Stickers on it. Easy Peasy!

Red Rum Nails

So obsessed with these Red Rum ideas for Halloween Nails. The mirror font makes it real and red Nail polish on the little finger takes it up a notch.

Knife Nails

Told ya, Clear nails are so in the trend that even Halloween Nails are incomplete without them. And the best part is that you can too create them at home. Isn’t it cool?

Halloween Night Nails

I know it’s the spookiest night and if you really wanna portray that on your nails, this is the best nail art design for that. You really need that skill and talent to create this but at last

Witchy Nails

How gorgeous are these Halloween Nails looking? With a mix of matte, gel, marble and words, They are looking incredibly beautiful and very Halloween appropriate!

Neon Boo Nails

Who’s ready to shine at night with these nail designs for Halloween? You should definitely mark me in! This dripping effect with neon nail polish looks stunning!

Cute Halloween Nails

If you don’t already know, I love everything pink and related. And these are breathtakingly cute. Can be created with Nail stickers or by hand, as you wish.

Cute Ghost Nails

Hello Hello? Did someone say they love ghosts? Obviously on nails stupid! These cute Halloween Nails are so adorable that I don’t think you even want an outfit to outrank them, haha.

Candy Nails

Trick or Treat? With a little effort. I know you all can create these easy colourful candy nails yourself for this year. So create one!

Adorable Ghosts Nails

The best thing about these is that you don’t need acrylics for these and funnily they look super cute. Also, if you don’t have the skill to make them, you can always go with nail stickers for such nails.

Zombie Nails

Yuck, literally looks like that the person wearing them actually ate someone. If you like these kinda spooky nails, I guess this is made in heaven match for you!

Red Pumpkins Nails

Black nails are always Halloween appropriate. But taking them up a notch with these red foil pumpkins is what makes it stand out.

Red & White Nails

Melting blood and vampire lips looks extraordinarily different than usual. Could be done in black too but that would be a little mainstream, right?

French Ombre Nails

The white sparkles on black ombre nail tips look stunning. And the crescent moon looks cutesy.

Coffin Nails

Gold coffin accents look very unique. Who thought coffin nails could legit be a coffin for Halloween? It’s brilliant!

3-D Halloween Nails

If you are someone who would cross all the levels just to get noticed, these are the BEST Halloween nail designs you could ever think of. Very different than most of the people around you would have and looks creepy as hell, haha.

Pumpkin Nails

You can always play with the basic black and orange nails to create some swoon-worthy stuff.

Half Bats Nails

Looks like these Halloween Nails are fresh out of a 100-year-old cave, right? But honestly, they are as easy as they may look. You just need some evil bat nail stickers.

Unique Vamp Nails


This is almost like the one we saw above, but my favourite part is to show you the fishnet design. Looks yum! And something you’d definitely don’t want to remove the very next day. Adorbs!

Black & Gold Accent Nails

This is one of the easiest Halloween Nail Designs every. Paint your nails matte black and paste gold nail stickers on it. Nail stickers make life so much easier right?

Vibrant HalloweenNails

Even though the base colours used are same, the designs over them are weirdly unique and cute. Doesn’t haunt you but isn’t boring as well.

Glitter Ombre Nails

Glitters will always and forever be in trend. And this subtle ombre is just perfect for a simple Halloween nail design. Looks Dreamy!

Blood Spattered Nails

Yet another Easy Halloween Nail design. Just paint your nails white and spatter this fake blood makeup randomly. My mum said it looks like I have murdered someone which is a great compliment indeed!

Feminine Stich Nails

Wow, looks incredble. Would love to get a beautiful pastel shade for base. And it’s just the ideal Halloween nails idea for people who wanna keep it strong and decent.

Poppin’ Eye Nails

These are such cute Haloween Nails. Just need to paint your nails matte black and either paste the eye stickers or paint them yourselves.

Glitter & Skull Nails

I think I’m gonna bunch of these pixie dust nail polishes. They are so delish. You just need a normal coat of this nail paint and added stickers over it. Voila!

Tinker Bell Nails

Sprinkle your pixie dust with these cute and girly nails for Halloween. These falwless nails are your best bet if you are planning to dress as Tinker Bell this year.

Decent Halloween Nails

Such a basic design but so cute. Black and orange really pop out on white.

Bomb Halloween Nails

Can I say I’m obsessed with these Halloween Nails? No, I really am! Just look at how stunning they are, with a bit of everything and still nothing is overpowering. Just Gorgeous!

Pretty Grey Nails

Spiders and Cow webs are a hit when it comes to Halloween. So It had to be included. Love the shiny silver nail and unusual grey colour.

Cute Bat Nails

This is mere creativity! The concept of creating hearts and bats is amazing!

Hulk Nails

If you are a die heart fan of nude nail polish colours, What do you think bout these? The ghost scream is what is standing out in this Halloween Nail Design.

The Night Before Christmas Nails

Is thi post even complet without the the addition of these Halloween Nails? I don’t think so! They are so vibrant and cute and the figures are just awesome!

Melting Blood Nails

The matte nude shade looks ethereal and the dripping blood is chilling. Love the vibe!

The Addams Family Nails

Here’s a cute Halloween Classic for you to paint on your nails. Who even want to miss this?

Adorable Purple Nails

This is now a fun Halloween Nail Art Design with super cute purple colour as base and and adorable figures. I’m here for this!

Pumpkin Nails

Get yourself these simple Halloween Nails with these little eyes-catching pumpkins. Pretty!

Golden Skull Nails

I haven’t seen much people playing with gold around Halloween. And honestly, I liked this one so much that I thought to share it with you guys. What do you think?

Graveyard Nails

This is a very unique matte brown shade. And the signs over it screams Halloween, right?

Jazzy Bat Nails

Different colours on different nails are so in trend and this Halloween Nail Art ranks for me because of the light coat of glitter and cute little bats. Super cute!

And that is it for some amazingly cute ideas for Halloween nails which I’m so sure you won’t be willing to remove the next day, except those pretty scary nail designs, haha.

Till next time, Happy Halloween!

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