Want to make your own beauty products but don’t know where to start? Discover our selection of DIY beauty boxes to easily launch yourself into the world of home cosmetics. The beauty of the skin is strongly linked to food, lifestyle and the products we apply to it. 

To launch into its home cosmetics

Not sure about the composition of the cosmetics bought in shops, the best solution is to make them yourself so as not to take any risk and be aware of their compositions. There are a multitude of beauty recipes and at first sight it may seem a little difficult to choose one of them to make your own home cosmetics. Don’t let panic win you over because with the right explanations it’s really very simple. To start without fear in the preparation of your first natural beauty care, choose a DIY beauty set. 

What is a DIY beauty kit?

A DIY beauty kit contains all the elements to make your own beauty products: equipment, ingredients, bottles, recipes and basic techniques. Follow the advice and detailed explanations to easily make your first home cosmetics: masks, scrubs, shampoos, lip balms, deodorants… Guided through the steps, creating home cosmetics will seem ultra easy! Keep the recipes and materials (spatula, bottles, pipette, …) to continue this somewhat addictive adventure. We have selected for you here the best DIY beauty sets to easily start the manufacture of its home cosmetics. 

1- Box Zero Waste : Pousse Pousse Box

 Pousse Pousse Box is much more than just a box to get started in home cosmetics. It is a DIY kit to learn how to make all the products of everyday life: household products, cosmetics, hygiene products … Among the latest boxes, a kit to make your mosquito repellent candle, your dishwasher cake, your toothpaste or your kitchen garden. Products that simplify the transition to Zero Waste! The box contains : All the ingredients The detailed recipe Subscription offers Zero waste box 3 months: €59.70 Monthly box: 19,90€. 

2- Beauty diy Boxes : Mybundl

home cosmetics  Mybundl makes home cosmetics accessible to all thanks to DIY beauty boxes with simple and quick recipes. The recipes are 100% customizable according to your skin type. All ingredients and boxes are produced in France and not tested on animals. Each month a themed box containing everything you need to start several beauty recipes. The beauty diy box contains : All the ingredients of the recipes 2 containers 2 recipes ( paper sheets and video tutorial ) Utensils Ingredient Guide A little surprise from a partner brand Price : 1 year : 25,99€/month 3 months: 27,99€/month No commitment: 29,99€/month 

3- Box to make your own home cosmetics: Beauty Formula

Subscribe to natural beauty with the Beauty Formula offer to receive a new beauty box in your mailbox every month. We tested: the Caribbean Box The box contains : The manual of hygiene rules to be respected before starting the manufacture of cosmetic products Ingredients Material: a white plastic jar 100ml, an aluminium jar 50ml, a balm jar 5ml, a measuring glass 30ml, a set of 2 graduated syringes of 2ml and 10ml Tips for using unfinished ingredients In the box, there are more ingredients than necessary for the recipe as there are 6 recipes to choose from, not all of which require all of the ingredients. We chose to make a melting balm for chapped lips. What a pleasant surprise to discover the simplicity of this recipe that we want to decline in all the perfumes and colors. You have to go on the site to discover the 6 recipes proposed with the ingredients made available. Price : Monthly offer: 23,90€ per box 3 months: 23,90€ per box 6 months: 22,90€ per box 12 months: 21,90€ per box Day Video :  

4- Box to make your own home cosmetics: Joli’ Essence

Joli’essence offers simple and effective recipes as well as all the necessary materials (utensils and bottles) to make your own 100% natural beauty products. We tested the kit “Purifying Jelly”. The box contains : The recipe The material: 1 mini whisk, 1 measuring glass 25ml, 1 syringe 10ml The ingredients : A beauty recipe easily made in – 5 minutes? Challenge taken up with Joli Essence! By mixing 3 natural ingredients together, we obtain a purifying jelly to regulate excess sebum. Price : Surprise subscriptions ( a surprise box each month in the mailbox ) 3 months : 57€. 6 months: 114€. 9 months : 171€. 12 months: 228€. Boxes with the unit (the price varies according to the recipe to be carried out) 

5- Making your own home cosmetics with My Cosmetik

My cosmetik offers a range of beauty and care products that focus solely on the needs of the skin with simple and effective ingredients. An ecological cosmetic, which does not use synthetic ingredients or petrochemical derivatives, without inactive components (kerosenes, silicones, …) or toxic (parabens, aluminum powders …). No wastage for the brand since it minimizes packaging and promotes the recycling of bottles. Here, no box, but a package that includes all the ingredients and recipe in one click. You select the recipe and all the ingredients are detailed to make it. All you have to do is validate your basket to receive your beauty package. Price : The price varies according to the chosen beauty recipe. 

6- Boxes to make your home cosmetics: Aroma Zone

Aroma Zone offers all the essentials to make your own home cosmetics but for those who find it difficult to get started for fear of making mistakes in quantities or ingredients, the brand offers pretty boxes with everything you need to easily make your own home cosmetics. There are boxes to make all its beauty essentials: shampoo, face beauty, nail polish, hair conditioner, toothpaste, face cream, deodorant, … The box contains : Ingredients Hardware Price : The price depends on the box chosen. source: marieclaire


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