You say you have no time for organizing ? You say that you just cannot find even a spare minute to be more organized than you are? You are busy at work or busy volunteering, busy taking care of a family or busy in mid-crisis, and know that it is almost impossible for you to get organized and get going?

Almost is the key word. Nothing is impossible! And, the key to your organization or at least the beginning of your organization begins with just a few steps. Anyone can take a few steps, correct?

Good! We both agree on something. That is the first step to beginning basic keys to becoming organized are these:

1. Beginning with the correct tools.

2. Using the container system and knowing that containers come in all sizes.

3. Stopping and pausing, looking around and deciding what your first priorities are.

4. Taking one step each and every day, and later on taking one step each and every hour.

5. Organizing as you go along.

6. Stocking up on organizing bins, receptacles, containers and boxes before you begin and as you go along.

7. Taking nothing new in (except organizing materials and tools).

8. Staying Organized:

9. Finding a place for every single thing you own.

10. Using the places that you find.

11. Not letting anyone interfere with your journey to the top of the steps – I’m ORGANIZED!!

Those are the beginning steps , and one never-ending step – “staying organized”.

Begin With The Correct Tools:

To become organized or re-organized, you need these kinds of tools: boxes, bins, bookcases, enough closet space, smaller organizing containers, enough trash receptacles, bags and other organizing tools. You might use a “color” system. So you will need permanent color markers or color stickers or even certain color containers. (For example: You will put all of your exercise, spiritual and health items inside a “blue” container or box with a blue sticker. This way you know by looking what is inside without even having a label on it. You will put all of your “important” or “urgent” items inside of a red or yellow box. Choose colors that you will remember and be able to use confidently).

Use the Container System: (and knowing containers come in all sizes):

One of the first steps to becoming organized, even on a large scale is having and using enough containers that suit your purpose. You can use cigar boxes for smaller items like tape, paperclips, and little stationery items. You will use larger containers, plastic or cardboard shoe boxes for larger items like screwdrivers, screws, drill bits, and assorted other mini-tools. You can find these shoe boxes handy if you do not have or cannot afford to buy a toolbox. You will use the “office” container boxes (available at Office Max or Staples) for other items that won’t fit inside of a shoe box. Now you have the idea. Begin gathering your boxes.

Stop, Look, Pause and Observe:

This can and will be one of your most useful cleaning and clearing tools. While you are organizing, it’s easy to get tired , or overwhelmed. So, you need to schedule a time to stop, pause , look around. Everyone needs a break. And even during that break, you will be renewed and new organizing ideas will pop into your head. So, here, even rest is work…but everyone needs the rest. Never eliminate this from your organizing schedule.

One Step At A Time:

Everything and anything that has every been accomplished has always begun with one step. That’s right. Even the most complicated tasks have begun with one simple step. So as you go through your office or home on the journey of organizing, know and remember to KEEP taking one step a day, or one step a n hour or one step a week – whichever fits into your schedule. This one step is the one step that will help you get more organized or re-organized. This one step is your success. So keep on stepping!

Organize As You Go Along:

How do you organize as you go along? If you have the answers let us know. For now , we offer this help. Have a place for everything and as you hold it in your hand make sure you put it in its place or don’t put it down. That means. You come into the house and you already know there is a special place for your keys. Put them there. Do not put them anywhere else, even if you come in with tons of packages in your arms. You know that your keys go on the key hook or in the vase, but wherever their place is that is where they go -NO MATTER WHAT. This is organizing as you go along. We learned this trick from Mr. Given’s book where he spoke about having a “main dish” or main vase, that you could place your keys and wallet in –the minute that you go into the house. You will never lose your keys or wallet again. We have a hook on the wall; that is our key hook. We haven’t lost or misplaced keys since the day we installed the hook. That’s organizing as you go along. That is staying organized, step by step, one step at a time.

Stock Up On Organizing Bins, Receptacles, Containers, and Boxes Before You Begin and As You Go Along:

If someone asks you what you want for Christmas or for your birthday, tell them you want a gift certificate from the container store. Or tell them to buy you anything that will help you get organized. That is another beginning. Use “space bags” to save space and store quilts and other bedding. Use a pillowcase to store fluffy comforters and that doubles as a huge pillow. And that is a another “organize as you go along”. So one way of gathering the containers is asking for containers for presents. Another way of gathering containers is checking with someone who has just moved in or out and ask them to save you some containers. Another way is going to your library during the book sales. They sometimes sell the book containers and these are awesome ways to get organized. Other way of gathering containers is to travel too the store that sells cigars and see what they have left over for you. Go to Tupperware parties and see if they have any new organizing storage containers or check at the DOLLAR stores. These are all ways of getting the tools that you need. You will find reasonable bookshelves at places like Pergament or at Office Max or other office stores.

Take In Nothing New Except Organizing Materials and Tools).

TAKE IN NOTHING NEW! We cannot express this enough. By not taking in anything new, that is less that you will have to file, put away or organize. So until you are fully organized do not take in ANYTHING new unless it is a storage container or bookcase or box for storage. This will really help you step up your organizing project. AND, throw something away or donate something every week.

Keep Yourself Organized:

This one is self-explanatory. Use all of the tools listed above to stay organized. This means schedule at least one day during the week which is YOUR DAY FOR ORGANIZATION. That mean put it on your calendar. Yes, choose the date and day that you will spend organizing. You still do your regular cleaning every day but you make a special full day’s effort on the date that is marked on your calendar.

There Is A Place for Everything:

As hard as that sounds, there is a place for everything you own, and when it is out of place that is the beginning to your becoming cluttered or disorganized. So, find out where everything goes and put it there and then keep it there.

Using Places that You Find:

Use the places that you find or designate as organizing tools. For example, hang the coat up, don’t place it on the couch. Put the hat and gloves inside your pockets of your coats, don’t just throw them somewhere and then freeze your hands off when you need them. If you do these simple things, you’ll find that everything is right where you know it is.

Stay Focused, No Matter What Anyone Says:

Don’t break your organizing date for ANYONE! Whatever date you have for doing your organizing, KEEP that date, and don’t change it no matter what! (Okay, we will give you this little can break the date only if you are going to a graduation, wedding or funeral -that’s it!).

You can purchase bins for organizing; You can find them in supply stores for prices ranging from $2.00 to $15.00

For Your Crafting Life:

These are tools that you can use for crafting: Decorative shoe boxes (available at Michaels and other craft stores), fold-up bins, made of netting (usually available at Target and other department stores), Office-style boxes (usually available at Staples and Office Max). Michaels has the best selection of crafting organizing tools and equipment, so check with them online.

Some other tools that you might find helpful when doing crafting projects:

  1. Inexpensive crimpers (to shape paper (crinkle it).
  2. Staplers that can staple 60 pages at a time (great for making book projects)
  3. Rollers (to flatten paper

If you want to get really serious about your crafts, join a group. This will help you get more organized.

Now you have a beginning. Good luck in your journey. If you follow each and every one of these steps, you will be quite successful in organizing almost any office or any room or any home. Just keep at it . Be persistent in your tasks.



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