If you are having a kids’ party near Halloween, you might like the idea of having of a Halloween craft party. The kids get to have lots of fun and be creative at the same time. When it’s time to go home they also get to take home the treasures they have made and use them to decorate their homes for Halloween. This type of party works well as it keeps the kids busy and the time flies by so that you won’t have to come up with lots of different games and activities to entertain them.

To prepare for your Halloween craft party you will need to gather a few Halloween party craft ideas. You’ll want reasonably simple crafts that the kids won’t need too much help creating. The crafting can be done in two different ways. You can have all of the children creating the same craft at the same time or you can have a few different stations so the kids can choose which craft to create first. They can then move onto a different station when they finish their first craft and make something else.

After you have chosen which Halloween craft party ideas you want to use, you will need to gather the materials for these crafts. Ideally you’ll want each child to be able to make each craft so keep this mind when choosing the ideas that you want to use.

You can find Halloween party craft ideas on the internet or in craft books. You’ll need to consider the number of children that will be at the party and also the age of the children. Younger children will need simpler crafts that can be done easily.

Two Halloween party craft ideas for younger children is to create handprint spiders or ghost footprints. For the handprint spiders, use black paint and print two handprints onto a paper plate. The children print one hand in black paint with their fingers spread wide and then turn the plate around and print another with the palms overlapping. Add some googly eyes and cut out the spider when it is dry.

To make the ghost footprint, print the child’s footprint onto dark paper with white paint. Paint on black eyes and mouth onto the heel section and cut out the ghost when it is dry. It can then be hung up using a piece of string.

When you look for Halloween party craft ideas, you might like to also consider using edible Halloween party crafts. This means that you let the kids create Halloween goodies that they can then eat. They can make googy, revolting looking treats that can be eaten. There are loads of recipes on the internet if you search for Halloween recipes or edible Halloween crafts.

Scour the internet for Halloween craft party ideas and you’ll find lots of ideas that you can use or just use your own imagination and some creativity you’ll come up with lots of fun crafts that the kids will enjoy. Best of all they can take home what the make and have a wonderful memory of your Halloween craft party.


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