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how to smell good

Have you ever walked through a person and loved how they smelled just for that one second they were around you?

You know that smelling good is as important as looking at your very best when you are around people. Where perfumes and fragrances can play a huge role, there are some other tips and ways you can make sure that you smell good all day, with perfume or without it.

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How To Smell Good All Day

Drink Plenty of Water

I just cannot stress it more on how important drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is for smelling good. What happens is that drinking enough water can dilute some unpleasant scents from foods like onion, garlic, or cumin which apparently we love eating. So this assures you that you always have a fresh breath.

An easier and effective way can be to replace normal water with infused water. It would help in flushing out the toxins effortlessly. Here’s a cute water bottle with an infuser and free e-book for you to buy on Amazon.

Make Your Perfume Last Longer

What if a little spritz of perfume could last you a little longer? Ah, Dream! So here are a few things you need to know while making your perfume last longer.

  • Apply Vaseline/Perfume base before applying. When you apply a sticky base on pulse points before perfume, it is sure to last a little longer. Also, this Vaseline trick works!
  • Don’t rub your fragrance. Rubbing your wrists after applying a fragrance can break the top notes of perfume (the scent you smell in the first five minutes of applying it). Adding, it can mix with the natural oils from your body and make a new scent altogether. Which is definitely what we want if we want to smell good all day, right?
  • Apply it on Pulse Points. I never knew the fact the perfume actually gets activated with the body’s heat. So as our pulse points are warmer parts of our body since blood pumps near this skin’s surface. Technically, pulse points can help activate the chemicals and fragrance in the perfume.

What are the best places to spray perfume?

  • Behind the ears.
  • On your wrists
  • Inside your elbow
  • Behind the knees
  • Small of your back

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Moisturize Your Body Right After You Get Out Of Shower

You might have heard that perfumes or any fragrance for that matter, lasts much longer when applied on the wet moist base. So applying your scented moisturizers, oils or perfumes right after you get out of shower makes sense.

Pro Tip: If you want your scent to last all day, use body washes, moisturizers, creams and perfumes of the same brand. This will make that one aroma be stronger.

Keep a Travel-Sized Bottle in Your Bag

Obviously, carrying a huge perfume bottle in your bag is stupid (Fact: I have taken it at times, thanks to my unorganized ass, lol) but carrying one is not. So better, buy samples of your favorite perfume along with the bigger bottle or spray the perfume into a travel bottle. Remember, I said spray because you don’t want the air to saturate the perfume and change up the chemicals.

Here is a set of 4 Refillable perfume bottles that are gonna make your life easier and body smell fresher for you to buy on Amazon.

Avoid Wearing Polyester Clothes or Undergarments

Especially in summer, polyester is the worth fabric to wear as it does not absorb the sweat which eventually creates bad odour for our body and genitals if you wear synthetic undergarments. So that’s a big No-No if you really want o smell good like vanilla.

Lightly Spray Scents on Bedsheets and Pillows

If you spray your bed sheets and pillows with perfumes or natural scents like rosewater (Which I personally use). Number one, this allows you to sleep faster and better because of all the good aroma around you. Second, it gets within your skin and you wake up fresh and smelling like flowers.

You can either use organic/synthetic Rosewater as I do or Pillow Sprays as most people prefer. Here are my recommendations that you can buy on Amazon if you like.

You Smell What You Eat

We have talked that some of the foods we love eating can have an unpleasant smell. Although we cannot stop eating them (since we love them so much), we sure can reduce or compensate the smell by drinking a fresh mint juice or lemonade after having them. We can also keep mints or mouth fresheners in handy.

Learn How To Layer Your Scents

how to smell good all day

This is an art every fragrance lover should know. Layering scents!

  • Make sure your first layer of scent (lotion) doesn’t overpower your tops layer (perfume). This means that you should always start with the stronger scent and top it off with the lighter fragrance so that the stronger one doesn’t crush the lighter scent.
  • Create your own fragrance by layering. Mixing and understanding the trick above, you can create your own personal scents as well. Always try them on your skin first before finalising them since scents work differently on every skin.

Smelly feet are the game-changer

This is one thing I have seen people just can’t tolerate (including me) but this is such a normal phenomenon. Some can sweat more in armpits and some on feet. The simple trick to deal with smelly feet is to apply talc on your feet as often as you can to absorb the sweat which is causing that foul smell. Washing your feet with soap and water is another way around.

Keep Wax Melts or Scented Sachets in your Drawers

I have already told you about it. Keeping wax melts or scented sachets pieces full of amazing scents in drawers you have your items like undergarments, accessories, or even clothes can replace the detergent/your natural smell deliciously.

Spray cotton Balls with Perfume and keep them in a plastic bag for touch-ups

2-3 sprays on cotton balls or Q-tips are just enough to touch up your perfume needs when you are going out. Don’t forget to squeeze out all the air before locking it. This can be a decent replacement for carrying a travel-sized bottle.

Mix the last of Perfumes with an Unscented lotion to prevent waste

We all love our fragrances to their last drops. But now you can pour those bits into an unscented lotion or hand cream to prevent any wastage and lotion that smells just like your favorite scent.

Never Store your Perfume in Bathroom

Light, humidity and temperature fluctuations can cause your perfume to break down which in return lessens the quality and intensity of perfume. So better store your fragrances in cool, dry places like closets or dressing table. And, definitely keep them out of the reach of direct sunlight.

Never Shake your Perfume

Shaking the bottle can allow air to saturate the fragrance and lessen it’s intensity and life span. And you don’t want that, right?

How To Make Your Hair Smell Good All Day

how to smell good

Just like our body, our hair too plays a vital role in smelling good. Since you don’t want your sweat to unlock all the chemicals and oils from the scalp. So here are few tips to make your hair smell good:

  • Focus on washing your scalp thoroughly than to just lather, rinse and repeat. This was told to me by my Hair Expert that the very correct way to wash your hair is to clean your scalp first. Don’t focus on the rest of the hair. Cleaning your scalp will ensure that all the dirt and oil is being removed first. After that, whatever the lather is left, take it down the hair and clean them gently. Don’t rub the hair for the sake of your life. This will assure you smell like vanilla when you turn your head around.
  • Add a few drops of essential oils to your shampoo. This is such a cool beauty hack for always fresh hair. And costs pennies!
  • Spray the fragrance onto your hairbrush before running it through your hair. This will not make your hair dry like alcohol-based perfumes and leave your hair undamaged and lightly scented. Yum!
  • Spray a hair fragrance specially designed for your hair. This will never dry your hair if you fear the hairbrush method will.

How To Make Your Clothes Smell Good All Day

I have borrowed clothes from my elder sisters and friends. If you too have, then you might have noticed that each person has their own unique smell. Some have their natural body odour and some smell like a flower. So if you want your clothes to smell good, then here are a few tips you need to do today:

  • Try using Fabric Deodorizers. Just like your armpits, your clothes would love some fresh Deodorizer too.
  • Keep dried lavender or vanilla in your closet. Oh god, after trying this, I kid you not, my closet smells delicious and I won’t mind eating it. Seriously!
  • Keep Perfume sprayed cotton balls or scented tissue paper in your drawers. With this little trick in play, now my undergarments have this light but beautiful scent which I won’t trade anything for. I love it!
  • Add 10-20 drops of essential oils while washing your clothes. This was recommended by my mom to make my clothes smell like flowers and replace the smell of detergents from them. All in all, this is the most genius hack, haha.

How to Make Your Breath Smell Good All Day

smell good

Trust me, if you have bathed in perfume but have bad breath, all of your efforts are gonna get dumped the second you open your mouth. It happens and it sucks. So here’s how to get rid of bad breath and let your mouth stay fresh.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day. Very common yet very effective. Also, make sure to clean the surface of the tongue importantly since that’s bad for bacteria which causes the smell.
  • Brush your teeth after eating foods which causes the smell. This may sound a little difficult but if possible you should try to brush your teeth once after eating garlic, onion, cumin or tuna.
  • Avoid keeping your mouth dry by drinking enough water. Not juices, coffee, alcohols or soft drinks. They are not as effective as water.
  • Chew on fresh mint leaves or add them to your drinks. Since they flood your mouth and body with freshness, chewing on mint leaves are a great way to make your breath smell good all day.
  • Have mints/gums handy, always. This is such a must-have item in your college/work/party bag. And, it’s always a plus for some quick and sudden actions (if you know what I mean, winking with both my eyes 😉

When You don’t want to Use Scented Products

Have a good bath and reach to Right Points

Bathing with a lightly scented soap or body wash is just enough for days when you don’t wanna bathe in Perfume. Also, reach to right points that sweat the most and give them priority over the rest of the parts. These parts may include:

  • Genitals
  • Armpits
  • Behind the knee
  • Even feet, etc.

Replace Scented Products with Natural, Unscented Fragrances

There are a lot of unscented products which you can use for feeling fresh without strong aroma like lotions, face washes, body washes, hair masks, deodorants, sunscreens etc.

Pro Tip: You should always use fragrance-free skincare products only as added fragrance can irritate your skin and cause problems.

And that is how to smell good all day. It requires little efforts initially but at last, when everything works out, you’ll be the person people would look back and ask, how the fudge are they smelling so good in this heat? Let them wondering!

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