Making your own wedding projects can be a great way of adding your own personality into your wedding and some say it also cut’s costs. This is true, but for the inexperienced crafter something’s are harder than they appear and take more time to make them then a crafty person. As a crafty person a would like to share with you some of my top tips when you endeavor to start making your own wedding projects so you know what to think about before you start racing out to the shops buying all those materials. It is great when you make something yourself you get that sense of pride and satisfaction but if you are not crafty trust me pay a professional and do something else that you a better suited to.

Here’s my DIY Wedding Tips:


Make sure you have a time line of what projects you want done and the date they need to be accomplished by and stick to it.

Time to devote:

How much time are you willing to devote to making wedding projects. If you are not the crafty type then limit the amount of projects you are going to make. Its all great thinking I’m going to make this and that but you don’t want to be on the eve of your wedding sitting up making things for your wedding day when you should be getting some rest.

The test run of a project:

Before you even make your final decision on making something for your wedding and run out and buy all the materials try a test run making session and see how much time it takes to make one project and then times this by how many more ever you need. This is especially important if you have never made this project before, the seasoned crafter will probably make this in half the time compared to someone that is not that crafty.

This is particularly important when making wedding stationery. Wedding stationery can be tricky, cuts need to be straight, wording needs to be spelled correctly etc, etc.


Know what you need before you go to the shops. Make sure that you have sat down and written exactly how many of each item you need. If you have a photo of the project take it with you just in case the shop assistant can tell you of something you have missed. Also if you’re wanting something out of the ordinary for centerpieces like different bottles to use as vases you will need to scour through many different second hand shops to find these items make sure you give yourself ample amount of time to drive around the countryside looking for these items.

Costs of items:

If you are wanting to do everything on the cheap remember the saying you pay for what you get. So expect things not to be as great quality. You can get really cheap vases at chain stores but remember the quality in the glass is very thin, this is why I say buy more than you need they chip so easily and guaranteed its around the lip of the vase where everyone will see. If you can afford to buy the better quality try to it looks better, feels better and presents better.

Ask for advice:

If you are buying your supplies from a specialty store. No matter how good you are at craft just quickly run it by the shop assistant and explain to them how you anticipate making this project. You never know they may be able to offer you some advice on how to make it better, quicker or even see something that could arise as a problem.

Buy more than you need and make more than you need:

Contrary to the top where I have said buy exactly what you need, always buy a few extra bits to allow for mistakes and breakage. What happens if you cut wrong and have no more paper it means another trip to that shop for more material and also what happens if they have run out of stock and can’t get anymore of that paper? Breakage what happens if you break a vase that you were going to make your table centerpieces with always have an extra to replace.

Transporting your items:

How will you get your items to their destination especially vase style wedding centerpieces you can’t just stack in the car these will need to go in a box with cardboard or towel to separate each vase so they don’t move around and break another vase. Take consideration on how you are going to transport your wedding items to your wedding venue and the size of the car to get these all in. Also make sure you have a helper, more hands make less work.


Where are you going to store all of these extra items while making them and where will you store them after the wedding. We are all criminal of starting it on the kitchen table and then leaving it there for months pushing it from one side of the table to the other side. Make sure you have a room to make your projects away from everyone, if you don’t have this then at least a shelf or a good storage box with a lid. Once the items are made where will they go in the spare room on the bed, think again we have guests coming means they have to be moved. Find a space in the house where they can be stored for the next 6 months without getting in everyone’s way and being tossed from one section of the house to the other.

Wedding is over what will you be doing with those twelve vases, one hundred tea light holders extra, well I am about to save you with some suggestions.

1. Sell them on a wedding forum.

2. Keep them for special occasions and if you’re having a summer barbecue spread them around the garden and light them up they will look fantastic.

3. You want to keep them store them properly where they wont be in the way. Conceal them properly so the dust doesn’t coat them and spiders don’t make new homes out of them.

I personally have a craft storage cupboard which I re-hash the bits and pieces in there for other occasions.

Have a system in place for constructing:

When the day comes to make your wedding projects make sure you put all the materials you need to make the project together ready and waiting in one bag.

E.g. making wedding invitations get all the paper, ribbon cut to size etc, get your self a pack of plastic lunch bags you can buy at the supermarket and place all the base materials in the bag and seal. Why – nothing worse finishing one project and then starting the next project having to look for the three different types of paper, mum have you seen the envelope box, Susie can you pass the parched paper. By doing all the prep work first it will eliminate all the mess. If you don’t finish the project on the day you started doesn’t matter. Each day you can go to your project box and pull out one bag to complete the project.

Relying on others to make your wedding related items:

It is great to have Aunty make the cake and your sister to do the bouquets, when you rely on other people to do something for you is it going to be at the standard you want. Make sure you get an example first don’t just go off peoples word that they will do something how you want it done. Also remember you are relying on them to do this if they don’t who will pick up and finish a week out of the wedding. This is were I have to say paying professionals has its advantage’s. When you pay a pro its their responsibility to research, make, deliver and take away. When you make or your delegate a person its your’s and theres.

Finally have fun, invite a few friends get some snacks and drinks and have a making session. This is a great way for family and friends to feel as though they have made a contribution to your wedding day and something that you and they will remember forever.


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