Professional Candle making is a Great Idea to Start a Home-Based Business

Candle making is a craft that has recently had a revival. Fragrant candles and colorful candles that can be made in your workshop, add a new dimension to home decor using cost effective material. Candle making can become a home based business that easily markets the product on the web. The article gives some concrete ideas for a small workshop with approximate costs of the finished product on the market; details of the wax material and fragrances available and recommends the most popular and easy to use waxes. It is a creative and original content giving original names for fragrant candles.

Candles are a product that can be crafted from a small workshop at home and requires only a few utensils, primarily molds with a wick that can be easily made at home with a little ingenuity. Quality waxes and fragrances give homemade candles a professional finish. Here are a few insights that will help you choose the appropriate waxes and fragrances for your finished product; and some marketing content for web marketing of your product.

Scented candles; mellow spice and berry wood

Have a candle appropriate for any occasion. Candle making is a unique craft. It is functional and it has recently become popular at restaurants and quaint shops as decorations, for the flicker, and now evens their fragrance. On a sultry evening, a scented candle is a delightful way to fragrant your home. It gives a delicate aroma that pervades the atmosphere around your living room, or bedroom. It also has therapeutic properties. What is it about candle making that attracts its customers to buy and sell in this craft?

Scented candles are more expensive than ordinary candles ranging from $10 to $20 depending on the size of the candle. With the inclusion of a few drops of concentrated fragrant oil into the melted wax and whisking it to distribute the fragrance evenly throughout the pour pot, before pouring the fragrant wax into the mould gives us the final product. Although ordinary whisks may suffice, a 10″ whisk with a flat end handle is a tool used in the craft. The mould is what gives the candle its final shape and although there are a variety of designs available, the most popular ones are the geometrical block candles and the cylindrical candles. These are durable and easily maintained once burned. To maintain a steady flow of the finished candles, melt enough wax for a batch of 10 different moulds and ensure that the capacity of the pouring pot is large enough to hold the melted wax that expands on melting and allows the fragrance to be whisked in easily into the wax.

There are many popular fragrances available for scented candles from wholesale stores. Alternatively fragrant oils, available from perfumeries can also be used. The amount of fragrance used in the scented candle wax depends on the concentration of the fragrant oil. Ordinarily a few drops of fragrance, 1-2 oz of a concentrated industrial quality fragrance is sufficient

The Different Variety of Fragrances that are Available on Wholesale Markets

When purchasing fragrances, have an idea about the type of fragrances you want to use. Most fragrant oil stores have a detailed guide of fragrances, giving a short description of the fragrance and the number of the fragrance. Here are a few ideas to start with for fragrant candles.

Using a few particular types of fragrance can make your product exquisite. A range of fragrances that are available in market are base notes of amber and sandalwood; citrus; floral and fruity fragrances that have become increasingly popular with the younger market. Within these basic fragrances are a range of fragrances the sheer numbers of which can stun olfactory senses. When shopping for fragrances, allow enough time to decide which ones are the right fragrances for the product you want to make and choose four or five different fragrances at a time. Once you overcome this experimental phase of selection, you will have a better gauge of the fragrances for infusion in candles. The recommended fragrances that a craft maker may want to try initially are aromatic amber, exotic spice, mellow spice, apple blossom and woodland berries, ginger and orange.

Why make fragrant candles?

There are many properties of fragrant oils, some of them therapeutic. An increasing number of people are taking leisure time in exercise or relaxing in aroma therapy parlors. Fragrant candles are a simple an easy way to relax in your own living room to enjoy the atmosphere of a uniquely scented room. It is also a more affordable alternative and does not involve making your way to a massage parlor or sign up for a regimen. Another is to simply decorate your interiors that set your rooms apart from others, creating a uniquely decorative effect with your personal touch in the selection of the fragrance, color and type of candle. Those dedicated to candle craft, have collections of candles arranged around the living space that serve lighting purposes instead of lamps. Traditional candles and theme candles are also very popular in their decorative effects and are adored for their translucence and their hues that silhouette the candle in the dark.

Type of Wax “Container blended or votive”

Wax is the primary raw material used in candle making. There are several available in the market and careful selection is necessary to avoid any initial difficulties in melting the wax to evenly distribute the fragrance and the color.

Several different types of candle wax are available on the market each with its own qualities. Wax is obtained from either organic sources or derived from petroleum by products. What is the deciding factor is the easy availability of the product and its quality in producing the finished product. Animal wax has been used traditionally but may be difficult to find on the market. Animal wax includes Chinese Beeswax, goat tallow and wax obtained from vegetable oils. Hard waxes have been obtained from animal fats such as tallow that has an odor and can take a while to melt. Wax obtained from petroleum by products is comparatively odorless and melt rapidly. Waxes obtained from vegetable oils may be more readily available and because of their recent harvest could also be cost effective. Crafting candles professionally requires about 500g of wax at a time. Not a vast quantity but a regular supply would be an important input. Of the vegetable waxes, Carnauba wax is a hard wax obtained from Brazilian palm. Canella wax, sugar cane wax, ouricury wax and jojoba are some other popular waxes used. In terms of their chemical composition, these waxes contain fatty acids, primary alchohols, ketones and are esters all of them obtained from natural plant sources.

Paraffin wax is a completely different type of wax and is also use for candle making. Paraffin waxes are obtained from hydrocarbon chains, and are essentially petroleum by products. Paraffin wax has different qualities attributable to the degree of branching of the hydro-compound chains into their aromatic compounds such as the isoalkanes, naphthenes and alkyl chains. Their properties will include different melting points and the ease with which they are blended. Paraffin wax is also the most popular wax used in candles. There are two types of paraffin wax; straight paraffin and blended paraffin. Straight paraffin is often made from shorter hydrocarbon chains, has a lower melting point of between 125- 200 degrees and as a result is very difficult to regulate. It has to be blended with other waxes from the hydrocarbon chain, commonly termed “blended paraffin wax” also available in the market, to retain their fragrance and colour. With straight wax, additives need to be mixed to bind the fragrance and dye so they do not seep from the candle wax. The results are not always uniform when blending the waxes in the workshop. Blended paraffin wax is a standard product that ensures consistency and quality from the manufacturer.

Other commonly known blends are votive pillar and contained wax both are hard waxes blended to retain sent. Votive and pillar waxes appear to contract more on cooling and are used in candles that are release from the moulds rather than candles in containers and jars with gaps. Making pillar candles from votive wax will melt them on the sides once burned. Some of the wholesale names for blended waxes are: oneway pour IGI 4630 harmony container blend, paraffin / soy blend wax (IGI 6006), container candle wax (IGI 4786) All of these container waxes are blended waxes and are used more than any other wax. They can retain fragrance and produce a quality product. As with all craft try the most recommended first and experiment with other waxes after a little more experience.

Candles can be crafted using a variety of colors that are available on wholesale markets. White and Black candles are the two contrasting colors that I have suggested here for marketing purposes.

White Candles

White candles, Ivory, creamy white of azeleas, white of wedding gowns, white like the first snow, white of fresh clean table linen. White is an epitome of purity and simplicity and beauty. White candles are just as unique. A collection of white candles impart a mysticism wherever they are placed. In addition to a decorative effect, they are especially suitable for special occasions. White candles at wedding celebrations are delightful and complement receptions perfectly. The incandescent light of translucent white candles, give a very delicate atmosphere. They are versatile and can be used as decorations and lighting tables at any occasion. Why white? White candles have an innate quality of offering a beautiful effect without looking misplaced. Incandescent light from white candles auguement many auspicious occasions and celebrations. Birth ceremonies are very aptly decorated by white candle light just as they are decorative for festive occasions. Apart from decorating special occasions, creamy white candles are a self indulgence in themselves. Having a collection of assorted votive candles, tea light candles are luminous and blend in perfectly with their surroundings. Poised smartly on my table in the living room, one of my guests remarked my ability to choose the perfect place for a quaint decoration. On a formal dinner with close relatives, I had miniature ivory white floating candles as a decorative centre piece at the dinner table. They were admired for their quaintness and were a delightful surprise for all of my family who never bore of applause at these dinners. Most of all they added to make a memorable occasion. White candles are crafted by mixing a white dye after melting the wax.

Ivory white is available as an industrial dye for creamy white candles. In the first instance, mix a small quantity of color into the pour pot containing the melted wax using a whisk. Once the color is distributed evenly throughout the wax, pour into the mould or a decorative jar for a votive candle. Once again, the quality of wax is important. A good quality paraffin blend used for votive candles and candlesticks should be used for the white candles. White is readily available in ivory and a keen searcher might also find creamy white in the market. The prices of industrial dyes depends on the quantity and different brand names do not affect the quality of the dye.

Black candles

Black dyes are rare and craftsman incumbent upon making black candles might have to await an order. Black is renowned for its glamour. It is also a hip hop color, used at parties for a younger crowed, stylized does for their dramatic effects, romantic and exotic events. Black dyes for candles are at times not available on their own and come in black and gold colors. Black cylindrical and block candles look stunning at an evening out. At a well publicized event, the company given the contract for decorations opted to choose a clean and typically “green” theme for the burlesque and used black candles as lighting for the evening. There was a display of candles at the entrance that illuminated the foreground with brilliance. The walls were lined by black candles standing on candle stands of varying heights. Candles stuccoed around the seating arrangements. The performance was on centre stage that had a plethora of candles luminous, as their flickers danced in the light summer breeze. The decor used approximately 500 black candles and the event was remembered by its unique and exotic decoration for all participants. Black candles are a rare occurrence. One seldom comes across this color of candle in craft shops and it is being uncommon that makes them a treasure for the customer. Black votive candles are virtually everlasting as they do not seep color on continuous burning.


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